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Who We Are

At Catalyst Insurance Management we come from a different background, one that gave us a lot of experience in many ways. Some has been good and some has bad but what we have learned the most is how a lack of customer service was detrimental to the insurance industry. Whether it was writing hard to place clients that nobody wanted, placing business for clients that could not get a call back, or just providing assistance to those that are not our clients but had questions. Through all of it we have always stuck to our core set of principles that have guided us to where we are today. Take care of your clients and they will always do the same for you.


The true value of insurance is the peace of mind it brings. With our agency, you can rest assured we tailor a package to address nearly any situation you might face. Our goal is always to see you protected in any event.


Our team of experienced professionals relies on a deep working knowledge of all kinds of insurance products. We're able to explain even the most complex situations in plain language you can understand.


We understand that one size doesn't fit all. The added value of working with us is having the power to choose. You always enjoy the ability to review all your available options, and then pick one that works best for you.


We base our Agency around old-fashioned customer service, face-to-face meetings that end with smiles and a hand shake. We make sure all your questions are answered and every concern is addressed. We meet with you when you have the time and where you need us to. After all, you can't put a price on peace of mind.


We know quality insurance is a significant investment, and you should be confident making it. We always do all the legwork to make sure you get the most protection at the greatest value. Being an independent agency allows us the flexibility to move with the markets to stay ahead in the market place.

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